#1 - My journey as an indie newsletter writer

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#1 - My journey as an indie newsletter writer

Hi! My name is Olivier and I’m the founder of Aléryon Science—a one-man operation publishing online content on technical and scientific subjects. Newsletters make the most of this content, as I run several of them—including the one you’re currently reading.

This newsletter will be about my experience as an indie online writer. I derived a ton of valuable insights from the experience shared by other indie newsletter writers, and I want to add mine to broaden even more the pool of available resources.

I will cover anything related to newsletters: the technical side, the writing and the marketing—what’s the point of writing a newsletter if nobody reads it? I will also discuss the economics of indie newsletter writing—as an economist, I’m pretty confident I’ll have valuable insights to share here!

So if you’re an established or an aspirant indie newsletter writer, this newsletter is for you! Feel free to subscribe. I hope you’ll enjoy my future issues.