I am on the radio every week

I have started a weekly science communication column at France Bleu Sud Lorraine, a French local public service radio

I am on the radio every week

Dear reader,

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, French local public service radio France Bleu Sud Lorraine aired my first short, weekly science communication column. France Bleu is the network of local stations of Radio France, the French public service radio broadcaster. France Bleu Sud Lorraine covers the city of Nancy and the southern part of my home region Lorraine, in Northeastern France.

Figure 1 — Lorraine in France. Credit: Wikipedia.
Figure 2 — Nancy in France. Credit: Bing Maps.

The goal of the column is to use economics literature and concepts to shed light on current issues in Lorraine. Aligned with my long experience in science communication, I do not intend to use the column to provide commentary, but to communicate science.

My second column has already proven to be a hit. Lorraine has a North-South congested highway, the A31. It currently has two lanes, three in some limited areas. The question of building a third lane regularly arises, with the explicit goal of reducing congestion. On the column, I explain why due to induced demand, widening highways usually fails at reducing congestion.

Figure 3 — A31 between Nancy and the Luxembourg border. Credit: Bing Maps.

Participating in a traditional media outlet is a new experience for me, which I take with curiosity, interest, humility, and enthusiasm. As a native of the city of Nancy and the Lorraine region, I am particularly pleased to participate in a major local media such as France Bleu Sud Lorraine – even more considering it is a public service media.

As the column is in French, I do not plan to share it in this newsletter. I will share it on my French-speaking newsletter.

Olivier Simard-Casanova
Économiste, statisticien et médiateur scientifique indépendant

I would like to thank Olivier Damette for suggesting my name to France Bleu Sud Lorraine, and Julien Lhuillier and the entire France Bleu Sud Lorraine team for their kindness and warm welcome.