In the United States, Threads already has more daily users than X

Matt Navarra on Threads, citing a Business Insider article, reports that in the United States, Threads already has more daily users than X, formerly Twitter.

In April 2024, Threads has 28 million daily active users, X has 22 million. Threads has 100 million monthly active users, X has 140 million.

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Although X continues to have more monthly active users than Threads, these numbers show a remarkable performance for Threads. As a reminder, Threads was only launched in July 2023 in the United States.

It is also remarkable that if Elon Musk had not made a series of catastrophic decisions after buying Twitter, Meta would probably never have launched Threads. Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, and his catastrophic management of the platform since, is a textbook example of self-inflicted injury.

If you read French, a year ago I compiled a list of said catastrophic decisions in a newsletter post. I do not plan to publish a follow-up. But as the series did not stop in April 2023, I could if I wanted to.

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