Terms of Sale

Last update: 4 May 2023

This page is a translation of the French Conditions générales de vente. Olivier Simard-Casanova’s business being registered in France, according to French law the French version is the only legally binding version.

The terms of sale are concluded between Olivier Simard-Casanova (SIRET number 51524782300021) the editor of the newsletter or the website (subsequently called “the site” and that can be CodeHub), and the customer (subsequently called “the customer”) buying a paid subscription (subsequently called “the subscription”) or a product that requires a one-time payment (subsequently called “the product”).


The service is either a subscription that grants access to part or to the full site depending on the subscription level, or a product that grants access to part or to the full site depending on the pricing level.

Price and duration

The price and duration of the subscription are specified on the checkout form. Unless specified otherwise, products grant indefinite access to the content.

Access to services

To access subscriptions and products, the customer needs to provide their name and email address. This operation will automatically create an account on the site.


Due to the nature of the product, the service is delivered right after its payment and activation.


According to article 16 of the directive 2011/83/UE, considering the execution of the contract begins right after the service is paid for, there are no retraction rights. The customer gives up their retraction rights.


Once the service has been paid for, no refund is possible.

End of subscription

Each subscription is automatically renewed at the end of its duration. The customer can disable the automatic renewal at any time in their account. The subscription ends at the end of the last paid term.

Downtime due to technical issues

The maintenance of the site can create downtimes, most of the time for just a couple of minutes. These downtimes cannot justify a refund.

Update of the terms of sale

Any update of the terms of sale will be notified to the customer by email.